Shakers Bar

Shakers Bar

Shake it off at Shakers
Free Darts Monday, Free Pool Tuesdays, Free Foosball Wednesday, along with drink specials Monday thru Friday!
Bill Steiner reviewed Shakers Bar — 5 star

Stopped in today at Shakers in Brillion while taking a drive. Thought I was seeing double at first so I had to drive around the block. Coincidentally, I was wearing my Shakers Bar and Grill t shirt, and their building was also a former bank just like mine. Nice place. Barb was tending bar. And she had a full crowd. Way to go, girl. ���

“Shake It Off at Shakers!” was my tag line, too.

— Former owner of Shakers Bar and Grill, North Fond du Lac, WI.

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