Murphy’s Bar and Restaurant

Murphy’s Bar and Restaurant

We are a combination cafe, bottle shop and tasting room, located in downtown Middleton, which brings a communal experience to craft beer and food. We offer 300 bottled beers, 13 rotating taps and a range of wines by the glass. Our menu is created from artisanal meats, cheeses, breads and local produce, and is designed for sharing: think charcuterie, cheese and veggie boards, sausage platters, hearty deli-style sandwiches, farm-fresh salads, seasonal sides, and shareable snacks including Belgian-style Frites.


Established in 2017.

We love hanging out with friends, sitting around a long table, sharing good food and drink and lively conversation. Whether in our kitchen, our back yard or at a beer garden, it is always fun to put out a spread of food and bring out bottles of craft beers and wines to share. We love doing this so much, we decided to bring the concept to life in our newest venture. One of the things we have loved the most about owning Brasserie V is seeing how people come together over a bottle of beer and a plate of food, people connecting with strangers sitting communally at the bar, sharing stories and finding common interests. In this day and age, this level of personal connection seems so meaningful, face to face and not through a keyboard.

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